Once again innovation returns to be a protagonist in Barcelona. This time it’s for an appointment that has its own innovation as the main actor. We are talking about the SmartCity Expo – SCEWC 2017, an event that every year collects the most important innovations in the world of Smart Cities.

For the occasion, an exceptional testimonial returns from the past to talk about technology and present the new line of Ditech products. Leonardo Da Vinci in person, or better in the picture, thanks to the augmented reality of Skylab Studios talks with the visitors of the expo illustrating the Italian company that creates smart solutions for the city. A new way to entertain and interest people at the fair, a fun and interactive tool that wants to exploit the Italian artistic heritage to bring an ever-greater public closer, and who better than the greatest inventor of history to talk about technology and innovation.

Ditech at the Smart City Expo, presented to a public of technicians, the new models of the “Ticker” product park, one of the first systems to give change and to allow the customer to be able to pay with the main payment methods. All at the space set up at the Barcelona Fair by the Lazio Region.